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Lost Horizon 1973 Musical Version Restored DVD


This is the famous 1972’s musical remake of the 1937 Frank Capra ‘Lost Horizon’, starring Peter Finch, Michael York, Sally Kellerman, and George Kennedy. This uplifting musical is presented in it’s original ratio format WIDESCREEN.

“Lost Horizon” was cut by several minutes shortly after it’s release. Most of these cuts consisted of musical sequences. An attempt was made to restore these scenes for this edition, but an exhaustive search through the Columbia’s achives proved only partly successful. The songs “I Come to You”, “If I could Go Back”, and Where Knowledge Ends” have been reinstated as they appeared in the original roadshow version of the film, although the reprise of “If I Cold Go Back”, two reprises of “Living Together”, and the beaufiful fertility dance sequence remain missing. The original stereo soundtrack has also been restored, reproducing the rich orchestrations with unprecedented clarity.

Plot: As five passengers escaping from a war-zone together, they survive a tragic plane crash in the Himalayas and discover the strange utopian world of Shangri-La.

The dvd is Digital Remastered, in English language, playable worldwide, Widescreen, and the audio is Dolby Digital 2.0, Extras(Theatrical Trailers, Russ Hunter 10min featurette). 


Weight 4 oz


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