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She’s Gotta Have It 2-Dvd Edition


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VERY RARE! Spike Lee first directorial debut film on RARE DVD OOP! Unlike the MGM release of this title, which is the movie only with no extras, completely bare version. This version which is the DIRECTOR’S CUT 2-DVD VERSION is full of extras, such as Deleted Scene, Spike Lee’s Nike Commercial Ad with Michael Jordan, Audio Commentary by Spike Lee, Music Video, Original Theater Trailer, etc. It is the full package for this movie! For any fan of Spike Lee’s films, this is the one to have.

This is a completely unique, humorous, sexy film from Spike Lee — his first cinematic effort, using his friends from NYU film school as actors. He himself plays the role of eccentric Mars, one of heroine Nola darling’s three lovers. Though I’m sure Lee wouldn’t describe himself as a feminist, this film looks at so-called “promiscuity” from a distinctly liberated point of view. Perhaps women need more than one man, he wonders, because it takes several men to make up a complete person! The film is set in a rarely seen milieu, that of artistic, well-educated, middle-class, quirky urban African-Americans (like the view of black Chicago in “Love Jones”). It would be fascinating from that standpoint, even it if didn’t display such ruefully witty characterizations of egotistical, clueless men.

The DVD is coded NTSC REGION 0(playable worldwide). Presented in the WIDESCREEN FORMAT. This is a MUST HAVE RARE DVD for one’s movie collection and for fans of Spike Lee.


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